Cordless Vacuum Cleaners: Advantages And Disadvantages

When choosing a new vacuum cleaner in the modern times of a large variety of these on the market, there are a few things you may want to take into consideration. First one is obviously your needs and expectations from the vacuum cleaner. Secondly, it is the technological advancements that the market has experienced in the recent few years. Thirdly, it is whether you require a corded or cordless cleaner to satisfy your particular needs and requirements.

If the space you are supposed to wash is too large and there is no way you are going to run from one plug to another in all three storeys of your house, then the answer is obviously in favor of the cordless vac. However, it is not the only reason for you to try something less traditional and easily accessible on the cleaner markets worldwide.

Pros And Cons Of Using Vacuum Cleaner Without Cord

So, to better understand whether a cordless cleaner will make any difference to your washing routines, we have gathered some of the main pros and cons of this appliance. These are below in the respective order:

  • lightweight and upright structure: if you think about the ease of use, then this type of vacuum cleaner would definitely score high for this factor. Everything is owing to their lightweight, upright stick-shaped structure that also allows to store it in the room or a tiny flat;
  • no limitations of movement: obviously, when you do not have a cord it means you are free to move and there is nothing to stop you. This is one of the greatest advantages and probably even reasons for creating this kind of a cleaner;
  • capable of working in the hard-to-reach corners: since you are capable of moving effortlessly, it also becomes easier for you to reach far-away corners and make sure that everything is cleaned properly enough;
  • multifunctionality: it is not only the surfaces inside of your houses that you keep tidy with this appliance but also surfaces in your car or any other place. Given that these are relatively small and light to carry, your car cleaning can also benefit a lot from it;

  • need to constantly charge it: there is always a risk of running out of a battery when washing and this is something we do not want to happen;
  • lower dust-succing capacity: the power of the plug is not comparable with the possible power of the battery inserted into the cordless vac. Therefore, for really dirty cases, you may still want to have a traditional one at home.

All in all, when it finally comes to buying a new vac, one may experience a number of struggles here. And one of the greatest debates nowadays is whether to opt for a corded or cordless vacuum cleaner. With the outweighing advantages of the cordless, it may be more beneficial to opt for this one when it matches your particular needs.

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